Other, Others and Another

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Some words can be confusing sometimes. The use of other, others and another is quite challenging for many students of English. They are considered determiners, and can be used in different ways. Let’s take a look at how we can use them properly:
Other or the other can work as an adjective, usually before a noun, and describes a different item or person, etc, from what you had previously mentioned. It could indicate singular or plural nouns, but it will never have an ‘s’, because adjectives are never plural:

  • I came over to see you. The otherreason I came here is to check if everything is ok.
  • Although “Something” is my favourite song by the Beatles, I love a lot of othersongs as well.
  • Otherpeople might enjoy the movie, but she certainly won’t.

Others or the others, with an ‘s’, can not be used as an adjective: it omits a noun that had been mentioned, but will be now implicit:

  • Some friends of mine are going to a club tonight. Other friendsare having a dinner party.
  • Some friends of mine are going to a club tonight. Others[other + friends] are having a dinner party.
  • The company’s new Vice Presidents are really friendly, whereas the others[the other + Vice Presidents] used to be quite reserved.
  • Even though you people don’t mind my new uniform, others[other + people] will find it strange.

Another works as an adjective and can be only used for singular items or people. It means one, and just one, extra, additional item that had been previously mentioned:

  • Something” is my favourite song by the Beatles. Another songI love is “Help!”.
  • I couldn’t see Chris last night, but managed to have dinner with another good friend of mine. (meaning that Chris is also my friend)
  • It’s too early to go home. Stay, let’s have another drink. (meaning that you’ve had a/some drink(s) before and wants one more)

Try and come up with examples from your daily life and write sentences using those words. Show them to your teacher to check if they’re all right!

“Carpe Diem”

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